Lavender Rainbow


What Are We Passionate About?
  • ANYTHING Lavender!
  • Family Values
  • Essential Oils
  • Recipes & Cooking
  • Fun-Fun-Fun & More

How Did I Become So Excited About Using Essential Oils? 

It Was Easy… I Started Using Them
I was Invited to Attend Several Classes & Demonstrations.
I Listened to Others’ Testimonies about the Benefits of Using Essential Oils on a Daily Basis
I Made my First Purchase & Never Looked Back!

Lavender and Sea Shells

Lavender Addiction Provides…

  • Education of Essential Oils
  • Consultations on the Benefits of Essential Oils
  • Information on Uses for Essential Oils
  • Fun Recipes to Share & TIps for Cooking with Oils
  • Information & Services for Living With Essential Oils
  • Full or Part-Time Income from the Essential Oils Business

And One More Thing…

Believing in YOURSELF
is the 1st Secret to Success!
“Love Yourself FIRST – and
Everything else will fall in line.”

Lucille Ball

Essential Oils are Big Business These Days.  The Market is Large & Many Companies are Looking for Members & Recruits.  Finding These Folks Can be Tedious.  Request a FREE Report Below To Learn How to Find New Members & Recruits.  (A $39 Value)


Start The Journey of Living With
Essential Oils on a Daily Basis…

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